Isnin, Disember 25, 2006

Its A Very Funny Joke

Abdullah was speaking at a business lunch in Tokyo, where he decided to open his speech with a brief joke which is an anecdote of a translation problem in Japan. He told the joke and waited for the translator to announce the Japanese version.

Even though the story was quite long, Abdullah was surprised by how quickly the interpreter was able to re-tell it. Even more impressive was the reaction from the crowd. Abdullah knew the story was cute, but not outright hilarious, yet the crowd could broke into a laughter. Abdullah was very flattered.

After the speech, Abdullah met the translator to know how he told the joke. Perhaps there is better way to tell the joke? When Abdullah asked, the translator responded, "I told them, 'Prime Minister Abdullah has told a very funny joke. Please laugh now."

Joke taken from Forum MyKMU.

On a serious and comedic note, read Ibnu Hakeem's The Malaysian Comedy.

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