Rabu, Mac 14, 2007

Damn this traffic jam!

Damn this traffic jam!
We need ...
More highway, and upgrading of existing ones.

Can help revive economy
Company cutting back and closing up
Lay-off and jobless
Gangster need to be catch
Work and responsibility for the Police.
Work for Jo ... to do

Government got no money, Pak Lah say.
People want highway but you pay more
Fed-up, demonstrate
Some kena tangkap
Ada mahu keluar so more
More work and responsibility for police
More work for Jo ... to do

Is Jo happy or sad with so much work?
How can I we read this man?

Is he getting richer because of highway .... ?
OK lah, give me back my traffic jam ...

Cuit Sikit have more to say here.

3 ulasan:

deOughtred berkata...

I just hate the jam every morning. And traffic report on the radio seems useless. Sepatutnya traffic report will report things like, "keadaan sesak kerana terdapat kemalangan atau lampu isyarat rosak..", something unusual and not happen everyday

Ini tidak, report always say,"trafik seperti biasa sesak dari jalan ... menuju ke jalan ...." If it happens everyday, you dont need to report, lagi menyakitkan hati laa..

Just imagine if everyday you tell people you eat rice for lunch today.

Or, everyday you report the current PM sleeps in meetings... <-- dah boring sebab it happens often enough. :-))

de_kerinchi berkata...

Bro... sabar aje lah......

de_kerinchi berkata...
Ulasan ini telah dialihkan keluar oleh pengarang.