Sabtu, Mac 10, 2007

Future Career Test

Khairy has been doing all sort of thing and not settled in with a job. His diplomat father, Dato Jamaluddin (make sure its with 2 d, press people) and svengali mother, Datin Rahmah were getting worried. He was born during the father's stinct in Kuwait, grewing up in Japan, schooled in Singapore, and did varsity in England.

He was quite intelligent and articulate. But he is still unable to decide about his future career. Off course, a cub reporter at Economist and ticket boy doesn't call one as journalist or fund manager.

The father decided to do a small test. He left behind a ten-dollar bill, a book, and banana at the living room table. Then he took the mother into hiding and pretend they are not home. The father's plan was: "If our son takes the money, he will be a businessman or professional. If takes the book, he follows the book like a Government man administrator. But - if he takes the banana, I'm afraid will be a reckless playboy."

So the parents hid in the nearby closet and waited nervously. Several images of the son cropped into her mind ...

The Professional or Businessmen

A Government Administrator (geeky ain't he?)

but please not a playboy ...

Peeping through the keyhole they saw their son returned home ... the son saw the note, the book, and the banana. With one swope, he took the 10-dollar bill, the book, and banana ... then he left for his room, carrying all the three items.

Dato' Jamaluddin slapped his forehead, stunned. Realising the reaction of her husband, Datin held his forearm, "Bang, bang, what happen? What does it mean?" She continues to pester, "Is he going to be an enterprising Government man but a playboy?"

Composing himself, he answered: "Darn, it's even worse than I could ever have imagined ..." "Our son is going to be a politician!", Dato continued. "And worst of all, we is in such a hurry he wants to be PM by 40!"

Thats history, folks! He's found his shortcut.

Doesn't matter which is up or down, he couldn't care less ...

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Tauke Saham berkata...


Beranak kat kuwait, dok jepun, blajar england - tapi hitam: Apa kah benda itu, wahai nujum pak belalang?

mob1900 berkata...

Shortcut/Summary of the Khairy Chronicles! I like story-telling articles with lotsa pictures 'cam chidren's book-lah. ahahaha