Ahad, April 08, 2007

I Hope THEY Say is Correct

It started from a scoop but MSM (mainstream media) was still quiet. Then, a journo-blogger posted it. A Siam-based amoi Malaya blogger whacked and whacked. NAB boss post the police report. The ladies are mad as hell! Abuse! Abuse!

Now it seem there is a coverup. Aiya! One "apek sudah bising". MSM publish report.

People are clamouring for blood (justice). Enough with corruption and abuse!

Those days THEY say the complain of corrupton and abuse were on "raja-raja". After the constitutional crisis, THEY say the "pembesar-pembesar ganti raja-raja". Seeing whats happenning, THEY say the "orang kerajaan tumpang sekaki".

To circumvent the "orang kerajaan", we had privatisation. Then, THEY say, "saudagar tibai keliling lagi terok". Now THEY say no more Napoleans, but its the young up and coming "pembesar-pembesar muda".
There are those that understand a different picture. And that see the big picture.

Leave it to me, Husin Lempoyang, the Camel Merchant from Cairo that sold the two Abdul slave to Jamal Pak Tongkol, for wisdom.
I say, thats good progress and I hope THEY is right. Next will be the "rakyat" 's turn for a hand on corruption and abuse.
... muahaha muahaha hahaha haha haha ha ha ha ...

Justice for all???!!!! Or perhaps THEY are wrong?

Husin Lempoyang is wise.

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monsterball berkata...

For one who love 'tiga abdul" you sure is behaving like one of that idiots!! hi it is a movie...not real!You behave like a pariah doctor calling me mad...then with your itchify mouth...you instigate how Sheih despises me. we chinese call that a 'chi bi chui"..eerrrr so sickening of man....really only a pondan will do that.
Above all...you are exctly what Tunku Razeleigh said few days ago...about malays need to chnge their mindsets...Are you not ashame?