Sabtu, April 07, 2007

Whose the Boss?

To Woody Allen, the one holding the TV Channel Control is the boss in the family. Raja Petra has a different say as he retell this joke:

One day all the parts of the body held a meeting to decide who should become the boss. The brain claimed that it was the smartest so it should be the boss. The eyes said that it does all the seeing so it should be the boss. The ears said it does all the hearing so it should be the boss. The mouth said it does all the talking and eating so it should be the boss. The heart said it pumps the blood that gives life so it should be the boss. The lungs said it does all the breathing that makes life possible so it should be the boss.

And this went on with all the parts of the body shouting and disagreeing as to who should be the boss. Suddenly, while all this argument was going on, they heard a squeak from the bottom. They all stopped arguing and every part of the body fell silent. “What’s that again?” asked the brain.

“What about me? Can I be the boss?” It was the arse hole joining the debate as to who should be the boss.

When all the parts of the body heard this they all fell down laughing. They could not stop laughing. The eyes were watering with laughter. The wax from the ears popped out because of the uncontrollable laughter. The mouth laughed so furiously that it accidentally bit the tongue. The tongue was bleeding profusely but it felt no pain because it was laughing until the throat could no longer produce any sound. This laughter went on for a full ten minutes and the entire body rocked and shaked like it was being hit by the greatest earthquake in history.

But the arse hole did not join in the laughter. It kept very silent. It was very angry and hurt. When all the parts of the body had regained their composure the brain said, “You are just an arse hole. You cannot be the boss. Arse holes can never be the boss.”

When the arse hole heard this it became real mad, hoping mad, mad as hell. It said, “Oh yeah. Then let me show you who the boss is.”

From thereon the arse hole clammed up and refused to open any longer. It shut very tight and would not talk to all the other parts of the body - what the Malays would call merajuk. For many, many days no shit could pass through. After a week the brain started getting very groggy. The eyes became so watery it could no longer see. The heart started beating so softly you could no longer detect its beat. The lungs became so short of breath that oxygen was no longer being sent to the blood. It was now apparent that the entire body was dying.

Finally, all the parts of the body admitted defeat and ceded that the arse hole is the most powerful part of the body and should be made the boss. So they called another meeting and all the parts of the body unanimously agreed to appoint the arse hole as the boss, proving once and for all that all you need to be is an arse hole to become boss.

Thats an in-your-face reality check. Now I understand better the real reason AAB scare off party members from voicing the concern of the people and even disrespect for the man that put him there. A Kadir Jasin saw what made the clamp up effective.

Those that don't clean up after ... ak ak ... means you have no respect for the boss ... hehe ... yuck.

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