Selasa, Jun 12, 2007

BUM.ASS to KickdeMonsterball and Rule the World

Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!) had plans to form B.A.B.I. ... Band of Allienated Bloggers Inc.

Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!) couldn't find the right reason to form it. Furthermore, Malay Males' BOOBS beat Husin Lempoyang to the formation of the 4th Bloggers Alliance.

Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!) see that the 4th Blogger Alliance is a good omen. Four is "sayyy" in Cantonese and it means death.

Since BOOBS has disbanded, Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!) now has got the locus standi and will form "Bloggers Untuk Monsterball Agar di Singkir Selamanya".

In short, thats BUM.ASS!

This should not be confused as a Club for Anwar Ibrahim's Supporter & Sympathisers for they have form Keldaian or Donkeyism, a political party of their own.

The public will see that it is for bumping of Monsterball.

Our ulterior reason is to bump out the Abdullah Ahmad Badawi, from his Prime Ministership and install Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!) as Prime Minister.

The Modus Operandi is to first call AAB Gay and KJ his homosexual lover. We will compile sufficient tilam evidences of his and KJ's semen to convict him in court. Although AAB is now married, we already have DNA profile of Jeanne's banjir to distinguish from that of AAB.

Other target will be Samy "Value" whose ass has bocor thus proves he is Gay. Rafidah "Ass"ziz, who bocor Proton, will be convicted as Lesbian. Azlina convicted as gay or lesbian, Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!) is still confused here.

Last but not least, is Nazri, whose bocor mouth proves he performs blowjob on men.

To be fair to the Chinese, I decide to go after Lim Keng Yaik, whose stuttering words, will be used as proof of his homosexuality. Off course, the big mouth Monsterball will be proven as an ACDC.

The Husin Lempoyang's (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!) proposed Protem Committee, are those sufficiently mean. They are:

Shar101 (President)
Simon Wee (Vice President)
Shanghai Stephen (Secretary)
Tan Sri Syed Mokhtar (Honorable Treasurer. Despite not a blogger, is proposed to strengthen our money power to take on the Star/Genting Alliance).

Other Comittee member will be BigDog, A Voice, Kerp, and Yusof. Others can be proposed but must require my concurrence.

Rocky and Jeff Ooi have to be excluded to focus on their court case and in turn counter sue Kalimullah, Brendan Pereira and gang till "jatuh miskin".

Adviser will off course be me, Husin Lempoyang, (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!)

As a "British" Adviser, whose advise must be obeyed, the Protem Committee will initially not have ladies. Monsterball can buy them out to be his concubine. Ladies are gullible to all of Sheih's lies via his sentimental wayang. Also, ladies are too apologetic and will easily fall for AAB's hype using his recent marriage.

Membership is open to all but must be first screened by our stronger-than- M16-CIA-and-KGB-Intelligence outfit, Special "Brunch". It will be under supervision of BigDog, who can eat up any trace and evidence of our operation.

To be a member, they must fill up pink form of Scomi, ECM Libra Avenue, TR Synergy, and AirAsia. When approved, they will have the option to have shares in company's development of Proton's land. Yes, we will not try to save Proton also but might as well benefit from it. MAS will be converted for private use of BUM.ASS members for Free.

Thus, being a member of BUM.ASS will be a powerful and financially rewarding affair.

After NSTP and the gang of four has "jatuh miskin", our Treasurer will resurrect it. Rocky will be install as the GEIC to take charge of NST. Nuraina as Assistant in charge of Malay Mail, and Berita Harian. AKJ will be Adviser.

Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!) will want to restructure all MSM.

Dato Ron will be GEIC for Utusan if he refuse to reenter politics and be Menteri untuk Hal Ehwal Kebajikan Blogger, specifically BUM.ASS.

Jeff Ooi will takeover all the Chinese newspapers from the Sarawak tycoon. Malay Male will takeover Sun and the Edge to turn it into porn newspaper. After all, the way some of our corporate people do busines is pornographic.

RPK will be "asked" to stop Malaysia Today and return to England takeover Mancheseter United, Chelsea, Arsenal and Liverpool. So all the warring football fans in Britain and the World are under Husin Lempoyang control.

Thats the initial plan. The bigger picture will not be disclosed yet but its for world domination. So, first "singkirkan Monsterball!

Hidup BUM.ASS!

Hidup Husin Lempoyang (The camel merchant from Cairo that made more money from selling the two greedy and idiot brothers - Abdul Wahab and Abdul Wahid - than trading in Camels. Wow!)!

Muahahaha muhahahhaha hahahahhaa hahahhaha hohohohoho hoohhohoho kah kah kah kah hehehheheh!!!!! Note: The laugh of an evil man)

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Sagaladoola berkata...

Wow.. you serious about this part?

B.A.B.I. ... Band of Allienated Bloggers Inc.

Gosh.. hahahaha....


tunku berkata...

that's a good one.

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