Jumaat, Januari 04, 2008

Malaysian Sex, Lies and Videotapes

Einstein is known for his Genius Mind.
Newton is known is known for his Extraordinary Mind.
Bill Gates a Brilliant Mind.
Dr Mahathir as Master Mind
Abdullah Ahmad Badawi? NEVER MIND lah!

A later addition to this old SMS joke:

Samy Velu/Musa Aman hmmmm? All mine!!!

The latest addition:

"When she lift up her skirt, I lost my mind" said Health (former) Minister Chua Soi Lek

Nothing but a good sex scandal to liven up the New Year 2008. It's been awhile.

Of all the politicians, who would have guess Dato’ Dr. Chua Soi Lek to be the person to be caught in a sex scandal. It's not like he has a reputation of one former CM known as a lady's man like Tan Sri Rahim Tamby Chik .

Dr. Chua is actually a nice man with quite a long track record of service in MCA and the community. His revelation is similar to the closeted past of one former newly appointed MB in the past, Dato Abu Hasan Omar.

The mistake Dr. Chua did over those Ministers (who later resigned) is to be caught on video. He admitted that he did not record it. Fine, it is not entirely his mistake. To catch a romp on video, it requires someone to set up the camera. It must have been a room he regularly used. Since MPs tend to reserve the same hotel room at their constituency, he must have been set-up in one of the constituency trip. Someone actually pulled one on him.

The last time some politician was caught on video must be that Taiwanese lady-politician, Chu Mei-Feng. The last heard of her was as she turned into a singer. She actually visited Malaysia and attracted quite a crowd. Dr. Chua don't have to resort to that. He could go back to practise after the dust has settled.

The famous case of sex scandal on video was DP Vijandran in the early 90s. Who will not forget his prowse of non-stop 45 minutes without shooting and it comes complete with an entertaining Tamilwood wooing in the beginning. It was said that few tapes was circulating and it includes one beautiful Chinese newscaster as his partner.

There was this story of a guy being offered the "Vijandran tape" (No VCD and DVD those days) by some smut peddler for RM350. By any account, that is very expensive. He later told his officemates. Since quite a few of them already saw the first circulating tape, they agreed to share and everyone chipped in.

Come Saturday nite at the pad of one of the office Bachelor. Everyone came over with their beer, soft drinks and munchies ready for a night of sensation. The host had the seats all nicely arrange for a comfortable on. He set the tape in the player and played.

True to what was promised, it was a Vijandran tape alright. DP Vijandran was giving a speech at the most recent MIC General Assembly. Initially, everyone was really pissed for being conned but later laughed it off as "a good one".

DP Vijandran was at the height of his career in politics and said to be groomed by Samy Velu as a future leader of MIC. It was around that time that S. Subramanian was the Deputy President and he actually made a challenge on Samy. Vijandran was a lawyer, bachelor and even before the tape was circulating, had a reputation as a lady's man.

There was this story making its round in the bars.

Samy, Subra and Vijandran went abroad for a trip. They reached a place, book a hotel and each of them got a 'woman' for themselves for the night. The next morning all of them came down to have their breafast together at the hotel restaurant.

While having breakfast, Vijandran asked Samy, "Boss how was your woman last night?"

Samy answered, "OK lah. She was pretty, nice body and good 'service'. I think my wife was better. How about you Subra?"

Subramaniam answered, "I find her very pretty and exotic. She was quite a sexual partner, quite decent 'service'. However, this sin is not worthy. My sex life with my Mrs is still better."

In his excitement, Vijandran spontaneously slipped from his mouth, "I agree with all of you. Your wives were better!"

Karpal Singh, who exposed the tape, was going for his hide but the Attorney General lost all tape evidences. No case. Despite denying involvement, Vijandran resigned from politics and post as Deputy Speaker of Dewan Rakyat to return back to law. He later settled with a nice Indian woman from India. That was the last heard of him.

Unlike Vijandran, Dr. Chua did the commendable thing to openly admit and resigned. All exposed sexual scandal of politicans end up resigning, be it Jack Profumo or Gary Hart or Chu Mei-Feng.

The manner Dr. Chua made his admittance last week seemed to indicate he thought he could do an “Edward Kennedy”. If one plan to remain, politicians never admit mistake.

Clinton's denial was an art. He denied any sex because there is no penetration. The same way he denied smoking marijuana because he didn't inhale. Clinton got away from impeachment simply because they couldn’t get the Senate for a two third majority.

Even PAS's Mat Sabu was caught for khalwat in Kota Baru in the infamous room 121 in a Kota Baru hotel did not admit it. Damn that cough medicine! Syariah court acquited Mat Sabu for technicality relating to witness .

Dr. Chua refused to resign initially and prefered to put the ball back to the Prime Minister’s court using the “he appointed and so he has the final say” excuse. He said, “I have no intention of quitting my government and party posts.”

That puts the Flip Flop Prime Minister in a difficult position. He already fumbled in his reluctance to ISA the Hindraf 5, charge of attempted murder that was withdrawn on 31 Hindraf demonstrators (not a lighter charge!), and the use of Allah for Christian’s Malay publication.

Dolah is likely to Flip Flop again and Dr. Chua knew it as he claim of making all the necessary apologies. He said the tape was not made by him (Vijandran did his own taping) and he had it with a personal friend.

Personal friend? For a platonic friendship with the oppositte sex, one can have meals, tea, conversation or group outings or whatever. But not sex!

The possibility for him being able to claim receiving apology from his family could likely be that the women is his other wife or mistress or not-the-principal wife. This is the likely answer and normal amongst Chinese as this blog tries to justify.

This reminded me of one famous Dato’ KSU caught in a high profile khalwat case in early 90s. It turns out the woman with the Dato at the hotel in Johor Baru was his second wife and naturally the Syariah Court threw out the case. Due to the ongoing case, he missed out on an opportunity to be the KSN. Talk of bad timing!

Dolah may have been reluctant to make a decision for fear of the impact of a possible strain relationship with MCA may have an impact on the General Election. Look at the willing faces together at the PC in show of support for Dr. Chua.

When the news was broken that MCA will meet to decide on its Vice President, it is not far fetch to think that Dolah was indecisive and may have requested MCA to decide. There was a clear reluctance in his resignation statements:

"I am proud that I have balls to admit my sins and save the taxpayers money to form panels to investigate my case if I did not admit but claim that the guy in the video isn't me, or my face was superimposed."

"By admitting, and apologizing, I should be forgiven. Instead people insist that I step down. I am sick of this 'holier than thou attitude'. It's like everyone wants to be ulamaks now."

His choice of words like ‘holier than thou attitude’, ‘taxpayers money’ and ‘Islam Hadhari’ seems to be a swipe at someone? Does that someone happen to have children and children-in-law that took financial advantage of his position? Someone whose children’s dealing put the country at security risk with the superpower? Someone whose sister-in-law put the country into an international financial scandal? Will that someone take the cue?

Dr. Chua could have stayed on, especially with his family’s support. No woman could readily accept such betrayal readily. It is never easy to mend a woman’s broken heart and feel of betrayal. Nevertheless, the family should stand by their father and stay united through this episode.

With reluctance or not, Dr. Chua’s act to resign is a much needed saving grace for the institution of leadership, after one shamble after another by the Prime Minister, his family and inner circle for the last two years. His courageous act of sacrifice has somewhat restored some sense of honour and integrity in the leadership.

This is one challenge of public life. Man with money, power and decoration is an attraction to some women. Men will be men, even how pious he is. There is a point of weakening resolve. The pursuit to public life comes with it's casualty of broken marriages. Common case of women unwiling to sacrifice the time and material for their husband. If it is a challenge to sustain a normal marriage life, think of the challenges to those in high places. One can only be so strong.

One politician used to boost that he never cheated on his wife and he believed in procreating everytime he consumate with his wife.

The friend asked him, “How many kids do you have?”

“Two”, he answered quickly.

The friend replied, “So did it only twice with your wife?!”

After the dust is settled and life goes back to it's usual humdrum, his indiscretion will be forgotten eventually.

Dr. Chua also said, "I received 200 SMSes that say other leaders do the same thing (involved in scandals). Not only leaders from MCA, but from other component parties as well. I need not reveal who they are, but mind you I am not the first 'victim' and definitely wont be the last."

As the Malay say, “Pandai pandai tupai melompat, lama-lama ke tanah jua.” There are definitely many more naughty tupai out there! There is definitely more scandals than the names caught here. I am not being judgemental for I'm capable to succumb to such temptations. My reminder is if one had sucumbed and caught, do resign please!

Lets start with this possibility here.

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

hahaha... dr. chua punya jawapan memang tepat , bernas dan tajam...

memang betul... di malaysia ni ramai nak jadi ulama walaupun sendiri hidup tunggang-langgang...

dan memang betul ramai lagi pemimpin politik termasuk melayu buat perangai macam dr. chua cuma nasib tak tertangkap lagi (atau dah tertangkap, tapi dibagi lepas sebab majlis agama takut pada menteri daripada takut pada tuhan)...

anyway, dr. chua memang "berani" untuk mengaku kesalahan berbanding semua menteri di malaysia (termasuk bekas menteri)...

sekurang-kurangnya dr. chua memang dah save duit rakyat daripada diguna untuk tubuh suruhanjaya yang bukan-bukan (konsep islam hadhari)...

good luck dr. chua...

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Lepas Hindraf, SValue kata nak re-organise MIC. BN/UMNO nak review masalah orang India. Ada yg kata KJ buat komplot supaya rakyat menyokong AAB. Kalu difikirkan, ade betulnya.

Vidoe CSL pula diedar & CSL terpaksa resign. AAB nampak tegas dgn masalah moral HP6 minister. Adakah rakyat kini menyokong AAB sepenuhnya ? Tapi sindiran CSL sungguh tajam - silap2 kena batang hidung HP6 minister.

Tanda2 PRU dah terbit diufuk, one more 'big story' then we have General Election.

Agaknya lah.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

They say, DAP MP for Batu Gajah, Fong Poh Kuan's father runs a 'brothel'and he paid DAP's Evil Dark Lord Emperor Lim Kit Siang RM 150,000.00 to get his daughter nominated as MP.

A Voice berkata...

Tuan Husin

Tuan hentam UMNO, PAS, MIC, sekarang MCA dan sikit2 PKR Adviser (sudah banyak orang taruk sama dia).

Tuan tidak adil, mesti kasi satu sama DAP. Saya jumpa dalam satu blog Puteri's Musingdan saya juga tidak tahu peristiwa ini:


THE DAP assemblyman’s wife committed suicide by drowning herself in May 1991. Party leaders subsequently blamed a local daily for front-paging an article suggesting that Assamaley had an extra-marital affair.

He announced his resignation a day after her body was found floating in the sea south of Penang Bridge. He died in May 2000 at the age of 50 after a stroke.

Pendik kata Tuan Husin, orang lelaki semua sama saja. Dia tidak kira parti mana. Dari buat dosa, baik kahwin banyak kalau mampu.

Gerakan tak ada ke? Rasa lagi hero pasal berjaya tidak kena tangkap...

Tanpa Nama berkata...

"...lebih takutkan menteri dari tuhan sendiri."

*sebab depa takut kena transfer atau turun pangkat la nih.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

Tahniah, Dr Chua - mengikut pepatah Melayu - Berani Kerana Benar. Ramai yang merasakan kehilangan pemimpin yang bagus seperti beliau. Lihatlah kepada keadaan perkhidmatan dan kemudahan di hospital-hospital kerajaan selepas beliau menerajui Kementerian Kesihatan.
Sayangnya, beliau tersungkur bukan kerana tidak upaya melaksanakan tugas tetapi disebabkan dajal politik.
Pepatah Cina mengatakan kalau wanita kahwin dengan suami Cina ada risiko perempuan simpanan; kahwin suami Melayu berisiko dimadukan dan kahwin suami India berisiko kena pukul. Maka, pada pendapat peribadi saya skandal seks ini lebih kepada isu moral dan peribadi beliau.

Apa yang penting adalah budaya menjatuhkan pemimpin yang baik oleh mungkin musuh atau rakan seperjuangan beliau secara TERKUTUK.

Konspirasi politik saya yang boleh diulas adalah berasaskan kepada MOTIF dan Sumber.

1. Mungkinkah berasaskan kepada memungkinkan kesinambungan kepimpinan teratas MCA berkekalan diperturunkan serta dikekalkan kepada satu dinasti (selepas 9 tahun Presiden diwajibkan melepaskan jawatan). orang No. 2 sudah gering dan tidak menampakkan sebagai satu ancaman. Manakala bekas VP senegeri tidak mempunyai motif apalagi sumber dan keperibadian beliau yang telah lebih kepada beribadah.

2. Bukan semua orang mempunyai keupayaan dari segi sumber untuk melaksanakan tugasan yang begitu kompleks. Jika dilakukan oleh pihak berkuasa tidak mungkin kerana mudaratnya terlalu berat dan tinggi risiko kerana beliau adalah Menteri kanan. Hanya satu kemungkinan sahaja yg tinggal iaitu `underground element' atau gangster yang bukan hanya mampu tetapi mempunyai networking yang baik. Dari proses pemasangan spy camera, produksi DVD dan seterusnya mengedarkannya adalah satu proses yang boleh dilakukan oleh saya dan anda. Siapakah yang mempunyai sumber begini. Fikir-fikirkanlah cerita bintang filem kungfu HongKong dan anda akan mendapat jawapannya.

Begitulah ringkasan teori tak seberapa hamba ini selepas merumuskan dari press statement pelbagai pihak.

Tanpa Nama berkata...

En Husin,
Mula2 saya tau cerita ni, saya fikir Chua sama dengan minteri2 lain - kes tutup & akhbar2 diam. Kemudian mereka tegakan benang basah mereka. Ternyata Chua lain...saya tak sokong perbuatan tidak bermoralnya - tapi dari satu sdut cukup respek dengan keberaniaannya berkata benar.

akupunyahal berkata...

there you are!... :)

Tanpa Nama berkata...

For safe sex, please use a face mask , not a condom!

Tanpa Nama berkata...

yang ni cenggane?


Tanpa Nama berkata...

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Tanpa Nama berkata...

The PM just released the names of the candidates 4 the next Health Minister - Khuat Kong Kek, Hee Sap Khuat, Lee Kin Kunt & Peh Poon Dek. Pls send ur vote to 69696!

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