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The Insulated Naked Emperor Thinks It's Fashionable

Reading the story in MyKMU Forum by lady_j, Hurin realised how insulated our Prime "Naked emperor" Minister is from reality. Lets read lady_j's story first below:

Many years ago there lived an Emperor who cared so much for fine clothes that he spent all his money upon them. He gave no thought to his soldiers nor to the affairs of his empire. He had a new coat for every hour of the day and spent most of his time riding through the streets that everyone might see his handsome clothes.

One day there came to the city two rogues who set themselves up as weavers. They said they knew how to weave the most wonderful cloth in the world. The patterns and the colors were marvelously beautiful, they said; but the cloth could not be seen by anyone who was stupid or unfit for his office.

"I must have some clothes made from this cloth," thought the Emperor. "When I wear them, I shall find out what men in my empire are not fit for their places. I shall know the clever men from the dunces. Those weavers must be brought to me at once."

So the two rogues came to the palace. The Emperor gave them a vast sum of money that they might begin their work without delay.

The rogues immediately put up two great looms, and pretended to be working. They called for the finest silks and the brightest gold, but these they put into their pockets. They worked steadily at the empty looms until far into the night.

Day after day the Emperor could hear the rattling of the looms. He became very curious to see the wonderful clothes; and he decided to send someone to find how the weavers were getting on. But he remembered that no one who was stupid or was unfit for his office could see the cloth.

"I will send my faithful old Minister to the weavers," thought the Emperor. "He is a very clever man, and no one is more worthy of his office than he."

So the good old Minister went into the room where the two rogues sat working at the empty looms. He stared and stared, and opened his eyes wide.

"Mercy on us!" he thought. "I can't see a thing." But he said nothing at all.

"Step a little nearer," said the rascals. "Is not this a beautiful pattern? And the colors - are they not wonderful?" And they pointed to the empty looms.

The poor old Minister put on his spectacles, and bent over the looms; but he could see nothing, for there was nothing to see!"

"Mercy!" he said to himself. "Is it possible that I am unfit for my office? Certainly no one must know it. Am I a dunce? It will never do say that I can not see the stuff!"

"Well, sir, what do you think of it?" asked one of the rogues.

"Oh, it is charming - beautiful," said the old Minister, as he peered through his spectacles. "The colors are gorgeous and the pattern is very fine. I shall tell the Emperor that I am much pleased with your work."

"We are glad indeed to hear you say so," said the rascals. And they went on talking of the cloth. They named the colors, and described the peculiar pattern. The old Minister listened carefully, for he wished to repeat to the Emperor all that was said.

Soon the rogues began to ask for more silk and more gold thread to use in their work. All that was given to them they put into their pockets. Not a single strand of silk was ever put on the loom.

The Emperor sent another faithful friend to see the cloth and inquire how soon the clothes would be ready. But this man fared no better than the Minister. He stood before the empty looms, and looked and looked and looked, but he saw no cloth.

"Is not this beautiful stuff?" asked the two rogues. And then they praised the gorgeous coloring and explained the peculiar pattern, which was not there at all.

"Dear, dear!" thought the man. "Surely I am not stupid. It must be that I am unfit for my office. That is very strange. But I must not let it be known."

"Ah!" said he. "The design is most unusual; and the color is marvelous. I shall tell the Emperor what fine progress you are making."

Soon every one in the city was talking about the wonderful cloth that the two weavers were making. The Emperor thought that he would like to see the beautiful cloth while it was still upon the looms. With a number of his courtiers he went to visit the two rogues, who were weaving rapidly day after day without any thread.

Among the courtiers were the two men who had already been there. They thought that the others would see something upon the empty looms, so they began to cry out at once, "Look, your Majesty. Do you see the beautiful design? And the color - is it not gorgeous?"

"What is this?" thought the Emperor. "I see nothing at all! Am I not fit to be Emperor? Am I a dunce? If that were known, I should be deposed."

"Yes, yes, it is very pretty," said the Emperor aloud. "I could not be better pleased."

He smiled and nodded his head, and stared at the empty looms. His courtiers, too, looked and looked, but saw no more than the others. Yet they all cried, "It is wonderful." And they asked the Emperor to wear a suit made from this cloth in a great procession that was soon to take place.

The Emperor gave each of the rogues a royal badge to wear, and called them the Imperial Court Weavers.

As the day of the procession came nearer, the two rogues worked with might and main. They were up the whole of the night before, and kept more than sixteen candles burning.

Through the shining windows the people could see them hard at work. They took yards of nothing down from the empty looms. They made cuts in the air with big scissors. They sewed strong stitches without any thread; and at last they said, "The clothes are ready."

The Emperor, with his grandest courtiers, went to put on his new suit.

The rogues lifted their arms as if holding something. "See!" they said. "Here is the coat! Here is the cape! Here are the trousers! The cloth is as light as a spider's web. You may move as freely as if you had nothing on. That is the beauty of it."

"It is marvelous," said the courtiers. And yet all the time they saw nothing, for there was nothing.

"Will your Majesty be pleased to take off your suit?" asked the rogues. "Then we will put on the new garments before the long mirror."

The Emperor took off his clothes, and the rogues pretended to put on each new garment as it was ready. They wrapped him about, they buttoned and they tied.

"How well his Majesty looks in his new suit!" said his courtiers. "What a becoming style! What beautiful colors!"

The Emperor turned round and round before the mirror, and looked and looked, and nodded his head.

"They are waiting outside with the canopy which is to be carried over your Majesty during the procession," said one of his officers.

"I am ready," said the Emperor. He gave one last look in the mirror, as if he were admiring his new finery.

The two men who were to carry the train of the Emperor stooped down to the floor, as if picking up something; and then they held their hands high in the air and moved forward. They did not dare let it be known that they saw nothing.

The Emperor marched along under the handsome canopy, and all his officers marched behind him, in gorgeous clothes. But the people in the streets and at the windows gazed only at the Emperor, for they all wanted to see the wonderful cloth.

"How handsome the Emperor's clothes are!" they all cried. "What a perfect fit! What marvelous colors!"

No one would say that he could see nothing, for that would have proved him very stupid and unfit for his office. No clothes of the Emperor had ever been so much admired.

"But he has nothing on!" said a little child.

"Hush! Hush!" said its father.

But the people began to whisper to one another what the child had said; "He has nothing on! A child says he has nothing on!"

Soon all the people were saying aloud, "But, he has nothing on!"

The Emperor hear what they said, and he shivered, for he knew that their words were true. But it would never do to stop the procession; and so he held himself stiffer than ever. And behind him his officers carried the invisible train.

The "Emperor" is now on his General Election campaign spewing slogans and comments like below:

I work hard to fulfil duties

Zaman 'letak songkok' dah berlalu

Malaysians better off than four years ago

Believe me, we're doing well

BN Govt can solve any woe easily

BN janji masa depan lebih baik

I'm PM of all races

Pak Lah provides favourable account on administration’s performance

Nation's Economy Growing Well

Tell Children That Malays, Chinese, Indians Must Live Together, Be Friends, Respect One Another

PM's Department dismisses RM1 trillion Economic Corridors

Pak Lah Don’t compare Malaysia with Singapore

PM Rayu Sambung Mandat

PM urges caution in making statements
Lets not stop at that. He has got Islam Hadhari:

Narrow-mindedness Poison Of The Mind

Islam Hadhari teras lima koridor ekonomi

Returning The Glory Of Islamic Civilization Through Islam Hadhari

Is Islam Hadhari about building a civilisation?

It's not even about building a nation! It's just instilling value for Government servant. It's not his idea but someone else's.

Looking at Islam Hadhari pictures, I wonder if it is the Malay budi pekerti thing to do?

Think and ponder, The Emperor is walking naked in the parade but he doesn't know it. He thinks he is smart, thus he thought he is wearing clothes.

The rogue seamstress smiles ....

Jumaat, Februari 15, 2008

I Will Always Lupaa Laa ...

Folks, Badawi actually forgot the Polls date!

Lupalah brother ... nasib baik ada menantu Oxford.This just confirms the hand of Khairy and the Tingkat boys in the mess of this country the past four years.

By Little Bird

Kawan-kawan, there was much confusion over the PM's dissolution of Parliament earlier this week. The man is a complete fiasco. Many people, including Star columnist Jocelyn Tan, were wondering why the DPM Najib Tun Razak looked embarrassed and confused while standing beside the PM during the announcement.

We thought he was lying on Tuesday 12 February '08 when he said, 'No I will not be calling for the polls tomorrow 13 February'. Of course when he did announce the polls on the 13th he once again looked like a total idiot. This dude is totally unaware of his surroundings. Sources say that he was not lying. He was actually telling the truth, in his own way.

The story is like this. The YDP Agong was supposed to travel to the United Arab Emirates on 13th February 2008. So Badawi had no plans to get the King's consent on the 13th to dissolve Parliament. But he forgot that he would be meeting the Agong on Wednesday morning anyway, for the pre-Cabinet brief. The Agong was leaving for the UAE only later in the day. The S-I-L Khairy then reminded him to get the King's consent for the dissolution of Parliament. It was only after this reminder that Badawi brought the matter to the King.

Hence the dissolution of Parliament.

This is why RTM again could not provide the live telecast of the PM's announcement. The PM simply forgot to inform his Minister of Information to get ready. RTM reporters say that they were only told to go to the PM's office late Wednesday morning for a Press Conference, but NO ONE knew what it was about. The crew reached the PM's office without live telecast equipment. Only TV3 came better prepared.

Hence, except for TV3, there was no live telecast of the dissolution of Parliament by RTM. Again, Dato Zam's RTM has bungled the live telecast. Four years ago, RTM bungled the 'PM's first 100 days in office'. TV3 beat them to it too.

Badawi is so very predictable. It is true that it was his plan all along to declare the dissolution of Parliament on the 13th day of the month. He thinks that the number 13 will bring HIM luck. So far his leadership has been a shambles for the country. But it is also true that he simply forgot about this, until reminded again by his son-in-law.

Golf Joke On Voting Wisely

Heaven or Hell?

While walking down the street one day a Malaysian politician is tragically hit by a truck and dies. His soul arrives in heaven and he is met by an angel at the entrance.

"Welcome to heaven," says the angel. "Before you settle in, it seems there is a problem. We seldom see a high official around these parts, you see, so we're not sure what to do with you."

"No problem, just let me in," says the man.

"Well, I'd like to, but I have orders from higher up. What we'll do is have you spend one day in hell and one in heaven. Then you can choose where to spend eternity."

"Really, I have made up my mind. I want to be in heaven," says the Yang Berhormat

"I'm sorry, but we have our rules," says the angel.

And with that, the angel escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. The doors open and he finds himself in the middle of a green golf course. In the distance is a clubhouse and standing in front of it are all his friends and other politicians who had worked with him.

Everyone is very happy and dressed in the finest batik there is. They run to greet him, shake his hand, and reminisce about the good times they had while getting rich at the expense of the people. They play a friendly game of golf and then indulge themselves on lobsters, caviar and the most expensive food there is. Present together is the devil, who really is a very friendly guy who has a good time dancing and telling jokes.

They are having such a good time that before he realizes it, it is time to go. Everyone gives him a hearty farewell and waves while the elevator rises. The elevator goes up, up, up and the door reopens on heaven where the angel is waiting for him.

"Now it' s time to visit heaven."

So, 24 hours pass with the Yang Berhormat joining a group of contented souls moving from cloud to cloud, playing the harp and singing. They have a good time and, before he realizes it, the 24 hours have gone by and the angel returns.

"Well, then, you've spent a day in hell and another in heaven. Now choose your eternity."

The Yang Berhormat reflects for a minute, then he answers: "Well, I would never have said it before, I mean heaven has been delightful, but I think I am better off in hell."

So the angel escorts him to the elevator and he goes down, down, down to hell. Now the doors of the elevator open and he's in the middle of a barren land covered with waste and garbage. He sees all his friends, dressed in rags, picking up the trash and putting it in black bags as more trash falls from above. The devil comes over to him and puts his arm around his shoulder.

"I don't understand," stammers the Yang Berhormat. "Yesterday I was here and there was a golf course and clubhouse, and we ate lobster and caviar, drank champagne, and danced and had a great time. Now there's just a wasteland full of garbage and my friends look miserable. What happened?"

The devil looks at him, smiles and says, "Yesterday we were campaigning, just like you did during an election...... Today you voted."

Rabu, Februari 13, 2008

It's hardly 24 Hour ... Wonder how much he lies in 4 years?

Yesterday, Pak Lah said below:

Then today, he said to the contrary:

I see UMNO flags all over Kuala Lumpur already from yesterday. In Terengganu, it was told UMNO and BN flags are all over town. MOre than PAS flags in 2004. IN case you forget, PAS lost Terengganu in 2004.

Did he not know yesterday he was calling for a General Election today? Or is it the case of every UMNO leaders knows he is calling the General Election today, except himself? It shows much out of touch he is with the ground.

It's possible he is lying. Liar, liar, pants on fire, hang them up on telephone wire.

This is only within 24 hours. Ever wonder how much lies he accumulated within 4 years? Google here.

Mahu undikah Dolah, Samy Vellu, dan Khairy?

Not-Bernama SMS Flash:

Pak Lah announced to establish a high power body to help the Hindu. It is called Badan Untuk Tolong Orang Hindu or in short - B.U.T.O.H. He also announced Datuk Samy Vellu as head of the body or KEPALA B.U.T.O.H.

Ah Samy Vellu ... Menteri yang paling melucukan diberi tanggungjawab baru oleh Dolah. Kehebatannya menangkis serangan terhadap politiknya sunggoh menarik. Kali ini, bolehkah dia selamat dengan Hindraf menjadi suatu permasaalahan untuknya?

Orang-orang UMNO dikatakan sudah hilang kepercayaan terhadap pengundi India. Dalam persediaan menghadapi pilihanraya, ada arahan keluar bahawa pengundi India tidak boleh diambilkira dalam ramalan undi untuk Barisan Nasional. Jika orang India sebulat suara tidak mahu mengundi Barisan Nasional, adakah orang UMNO yang mendapat arahan ini tidak terkecil hati untuk tidak mahu memberi undi kepada calun Barisan Nasional India? Ah yo yo Samy ... amacam awak dan calon MIC mahu menang kalau tidak ada undi Melayu?

Tersebar dikatakan sesama orang UMNO bahawa Samy main Kayu Tiga. Hari Selasa sebelum demonstrasi Hindraf hari Sabtu, Samy Vellu berkata di The Star video bahawa orang-orang India bebas untuk pergi ke demonstrasi Hindraf. MP MIC Devamany pada hari demonstrasi menyuarakan tidak persetujuan kepada tindakan berdemonstrasi, tetapi lain pula minggu berikutnya di Parlimen.

Ramai orang-orang India yang memerhati demonstrasi mengecam gangster-gangster Samy Velu dari Jalan Ipoh terlibat dalam demonstrasi dan memprovokasi polis di Jalan Ampang dan Batu Caves.

Ramai hairan dari mana orang-orang India boleh datang begitu ramai? Semasa perarakkan di Putrajaya dalam bulan Ogos, hanya ada 4,000 orang sahaja. Bagaimana mereka boleh datang ramai-ramai sedangkan polis sudah awal-awal tutup kawasan Jalan Ampang? Adakah terdapat ramai orang-orang India sembunyi tidor beberapa hari sebelum hari demonstrasi dalam hotel-hotel di Jalan Ampang? Tanyalah hotel-hotel ini semua, adakah booking banyak bilik pakai satu nama?

Kalau ramai sembunyi dalam hotel, siapa bayar? Itu yang "informer" Husin Lempoyang kata Khairy Jamaluddin terlibat dalam demonstrasi Hindraf dengan memberi pembiayaan wang. Selepas Hindraf menyerahkan tuntutan pada PM pada bulan Julai, Khairy dikatakan terlihat berjumpa wakil-wakil Hindraf. Tidak percaya, tanya orang-orang tertentu di Sentul?

Sedarkah Khairy tidak banyak bising pasal Hindraf? Orang-orang suratkhabar memberitahu, seorang inspektor semasa memberi arahan tangkap penunjuk-penunjuk perasaan, secara jenaka suroh tangkap mereka-mereka yng rupa macam Khairy. Sumpah wallah, ada beberapa orang beritahu. Ingat senang-senang Inspektor boleh terlepas cakap itu macam? Apa sebab itu orang kata Khairy kena panggil shut-up pada cuti hari Krismis oleh Pak Lah?

Kalau tidak percaya, kenapa Pak Lah lambat guna ISA pada ketua-ketua Hindraf yang mana ada peguam-peguam Pembela pun kata patut di ISAkan? Kenapa pendakwa-pendakwa tidak membetulkan caj hasutan terhadap ketua-ketua Hindraf hingga mereka dapat lepas dari tahanan reman? Kenapa hari Isnin beikutnya baru hendak caj balik dan ISA, dan sebab itu, Waytha Kumar dapat lari ke London? Ada orang atas kacau kah?

Apabila lima orang ketua-ketua Hindraf ditahan di bawah ISA, kenapa Pak lah tangkap dan hantar terus ke Pusat Tahanan Kemunting? Bukankah selalunya ditahan reman selama 60 hari untuk penyiasatan? Orang sudah masuk ISA kata, kalau terus pergi Kemunting, itu sudah kira cuti santai Holiday Inn. Pak Lah baru tahu dan takut polis dapat pengakuan bahawa Khairy terlibatkah? Padan dia marah kepada Khairy!

Cuba fikirlah, tidak lama selepas peristiwa Hindraf itu, Siva Subramanian dan NGO-NGO India dapat jumpa Pak Lah dan Pak Lah cepat menunjukkan kesanggupan menerima tuntutan-tuntutan mereka. Sekarang semasa kempen pilihnaraya, Thaipusam di isytihar cuti umum. Hampir semua yang orang India minta, sudah dijanjikan mahu diberi.

Najib pun sudah cakap semua kuil-kuil yang dirobohkan akan di dirikan balik. Orang-orang UMNO sedang berbisik sesama sendiri bahawa iisteri Samy Vellu adalah terlibat dalam persatuan kuil-kuil India. Itu saya tidak tahu, mereka cakap? Mengenai kuil itu, kalau caranya betul, Huisin tak kisah. Cuma, ini hanya menunjukkan Samy bermuka-muka, tidak jujur dengan pendiriannya dan tidak boleh dipercayai!!!

Orang Cina pun untung juga kerana Pak Lah mahu kasi banyak peruntukkan pada sekolah Cina dan SRJKC Damanasara sudah janji dibuka semula.

Husin cakap Hindraf ini MESTI ada konspirasi.

Selepas saja demonstrasi, orang UMNO yang marah sama Hindraf sudah mula mahu sokong balik Dolah. Padahal ramai orang UMNO sama-sama berarak dalam Gelombang Kuning, bukan menyokong BERSIH tapi meminta Agong membetulkan si Dolah! Tuntutan-tuntutan yang Hindraf pinta hampir semua dikota, berjayalah Hindraf.

Mengenai perkara mahu tuntut, mahu kasi dan mahu apa sekali pun, Husin tidak kisah asal dibuat dengan adil dan baik. Husin tanya, surau Melayu yang kena roboh, adakah dibina semula?

Kenapa kempen pilihanraya tidak ada cerita pasal orang-orang Melayu yang miskin, yang tidak ada mata pencarian, dan tidak mampu hantar anak ke sekolah? Pasal kemiskinan, Husin rasa tidak boleh tengok hanya bangsa, semua orang miskin tidak kira bangsa mesti ditolong. Apabila tidak disebut mengenai orang Melayu, maknanya tidak difikir dan ambil endahkah?

Sekarang pula timbul mengenai syarat tanah Rizab Melayu mahu diubah? Apabila hendak pinjam wang untuk bangunkan tanah, Bank berhelah-helah tidak mahu kasi tuan tanah Rizab Melayu. Macam mana hendak majukan kalau tidak ada wang dan pinjaman? Habislah, tanah orang Melayu akan dijual oleh mereka-mereka yang berpengaruh dan dimonopoli orang-orang kaya - taukeh, dan tycoon.

Berbalik kepada Hindraf dalam perspektif berpolitik dan bergiat, mesti dibuat dengan penuh perasaan tanggungjawab. Jangan sampai menjejaskan keamanan dan keharmonian antara kaum dan agama. Jangan dibuat secara kasar dan menyuarakan perkara-perkara yang menyentuh sensitiviti. Perkara yang Husin marah sekali pada Hindraf adalah kerana menuntut Perlembagaan digantung. Cis tak hormat pada Perlembagaan!

Samy mamang layak sekarang dipanggil KEPALA B.U.T.O.H. Khairy memang B.E.R.O.K.H.I.T.A.M. yang besar dan dibela Singapura. Dia tidak boleh panggil KEPALA C.I.B.A.I. kerana itu Chua punya. Si Dolah? Hmmmmm .... tak payah panggil apa-apa lagi, dia sudah memang P.M. T.I.D.O. yang B.O.D.O.W.I.

Sabtu, Februari 09, 2008

Would you believe it? PM said he work hard

One picture that missed Husin Lempoyang's Premier sleep collection pictures at the launch of Eye of Malaysia launch December 31st 2006 around 11:58 pm.

Headlined as "PM: I work hard to fulfil duties", The Star reported Pak Lah as quoted below:

"Some of you can say that I'm not good, you can say whatever. But don't say that I don't work."

Ah ... he realised and acknowledged by not denying he is not good and whatever.

"I work very hard. I really mean it and you know it."

You can mean it Prime Minister but I don't know it, I don't see it and I don't find any benefit you have brought to the people and country - social, economics, politics/government.

"I have a very heavy responsibility and I have to carry it out."

You only knew that?

"It is God's will that I become the Prime Minister of Malaysia and I am very conscious that I have to serve the people although I personally do not benefit even one sen because of this."

It is God's will that you are not performing and people are dissappointed with you? Did God say that if you can;t perform, you resign? Aaaa ... I heard that. Sure ... my son did not get Government contract but only from Petronas, privatised company for LRT extension and bus companies.

"These renewals and changes will however, take some time and require the support and co-operation of all Malaysians."

Can't see anything after four years. Will it take forever, Prime Minister? Or till Khairy appointed Deputy Prime Minister?

Thats your Prime Minister, Malaysian. Talking without facts, without thinking, without understanding implication. Even lying.

The latest lie being Malaysia's position as 6th in World's Competitiveness Report. Just to answer and rebut opposition, he need to lie and trick Malaysian. We are 22nd position and only improved by 1 from 23rd last year.

You see Malaysians, our new year wishes for the Prime Minister has yet to be fulfilled.

To remind us of his unbelievably dunce of words, there is a great compilation effort of Prime Minster Abdullah's quote by Howsy in his "Pak Lah's Compendium of Flowery Slogans and Quotes" posting and a dedicated blog of the same name for the details.

Selasa, Februari 05, 2008

Azalina tak kahwin kerana rakyat, tapi Dolah kahwin ...

Laporan Utusan Malaysia di atas hari ini, Februari 5hb, 2008 berbunyi:

Menteri Belia dan Sukan, Datuk Seri Azalina Othman Said berkata, keutamaan kepada rakyat yang melebihi diri sendiri merupakan sebab beliau masih belum berkahwin.

“Semua wakil rakyat Barisan Nasional (BN) di seluruh negara meletakkan keutamaan rakyat lebih daripada keutamaan diri, tidak kira masa.

“Oleh kerana itulah saya sehingga kini masih lagi tidak berkahwin, kerana saya meletakkan keutamaan rakyat lebih daripada diri sendiri,” katanya ketika berucap pada satu majlis di Kompleks Rakan Muda Kuala Pilah di sini hari ini.

Husin amat menghargai Dato Azalina. Bayangkan betapa besar pengorbanannya demi rakyat. Kesian hidup keseorangan, hanya kadang-kadang ditemani "rakan-rakan wanita" tertentu untuk mengisi kesunyian. Maklumlah kebanyakkan kawan-kawan baya beliau telah mendirikan rumahtangga dan punya anak suami.

Memang patut untuknya mengambil anak angkat, Azareena (kanan: gambar anak itu semasa berumur dua tahun sedang bertemu Perdana Menteri). Jadi teman dan tempat untuk berkongsi suka duka.

Anak itu kini sudah berumur 5 tahun lebih dan membesar seperti ibunya juga. Budak ini lasak dan suka bersukan. Dia suka bermain rollerblade, jogging, lompat atas trampoline, sedang belajar seni mempertahankan diri, dan berenang.

Azalina tentu bangga dengan kecergasan dan kesihatan anak perempuannya. Dengan adanya Azareena, Dato Azalina pun mula nampak berubah. Anak angkat Azareena mengisi naluri keibuannya. Dia kini sudah membabitkan diri dalam kegiatan kekeluargaan.

Dari seorang wanita yang lasak, dan berpakaian agak ranggi dan kelakian, beliau kini bagaikan angsa yang mula mekar. Beliau sudah tahu berdandan, menjaga kulit dan mekap dan menggunakan barang kemas. Badannya pun tidak lagi gempal dan sudah menggayakan pakaian yang berfesyen.

Cuma Husin terfikir, Azalina mengorbankan dirinya untuk rakyat hingga tidak berkahwin. Dolah selalu berkata dia sentiasa memikirkan mengenai negara dan rakyat .... hmmmm ... tapi dia berkahwin ....

Fikir tak Dolah mengenai rakyat dalam ekonomi yang hanya silap mata dan tidak berkeyakinan.

Fikir tak Dolah akan kenaikkan harga barang dan minyak. Dahlah gaji tidak naik sangat, mencari pekerjaan susah, dan barang asyik naik saja.

Fikir tak Dolah masaalah jenayah yang berleluasa dan kanak-kanak yang banyak kena colek.

Fikir ...

... takut yang dia hanya ingat hanya Jin, Jean ... Jeanne.

Sabtu, Februari 02, 2008

How To Spot Whose Pants Is On Fire?

We’ve heard the children rhyme, “Liar, liar, pants on fire, hang them up on telephone wire.”? Sometimes the rhyme sounds like this, “Liar, liar, pants on fire, stick your head inside a tire, turn it round and round and round, wait until you hit the ground.”

Whichever your preference, somebody’s pants is on fire. I've got a list of how to to spot the unseen smoke.

In Dr Mahathir’s press conference recently, the following transpired:
Q: When you stepped down in 2003 you said you made a gentleman's agreement for him (PM Abdullah Ahmad Badawi) to stay one term. In this case macam mana?

Dr M: Even if I said I had this gentlemen's agreement there is no way I can prove it. My thinking that since he was older than Najib he should be PM for a term and then Najib should be able to take over.

Expectedly Abdullah denied twice to say “…no gentlement agreement”. Najib, the safe player he is, denied knowledge. Is he implying it could happen but he was not personally informed? There is still that likelihood he is aware.

Lets put Najib out of the picture and pose the same question posed by blogger Syed Imran, Antara Mahathir dan Pak Lah - Siapa Pembohong? Yes, is this true? If not, who lied? What is the relevance? Really, who should care?

Lying is a cognitive signal of a person’s ability to understand what others are thinking. As children grow older, their lying becomes more sophisticated and believable by taking into account the cultural attributes.

Agendadaily saw the “boss” as “nampak relaks” thus believing his denial as genuine. By normal convention, it is fair comment. To make a psychological asessment of seasoned politician like Abdullah from his short denials, that is far from sufficient. Abdullah is no child.

I’ve spotted two websites – here and here – and summaried their tips into a list of pointers on how to spot someone whose doing a “Liar Lair Pants On Fire”.

  • Read the eyes. If they fidget, if they dilate, it's a huge heads up. If the guy keeps looking down, looking away, and never in your eyes, you've nailed him.
  • Look out for forced smile. A real smile reaches up and crinkles the eyes. A fake smile looks more like a grimace and usually indicates untruthfulness.
  • Notice for face touching. Ear pulling and eye rubbing signal concealment. Rubbing the eye says, "I can't look at you". The Feds believe when a guy touches his nose, he's lying.
  • Chin touching. Running the forefinger over the chin reveals uncertainty or an untruth.
  • Finger drumming, foot trapping or playing with jewelry. All are attempt by the body to leave the scene -- to escape.
  • Restless feet by tapping or swinging is a lie is probably in the works.
  • Neck scratching and ear pulling is another giveaway of untruthfulness.
  • Collar tug indicate "hot under the collar". When someone lies, the body temperature increases slightly. The hand automatically reaches up to let air in by loosening the collar.
  • Hand gestures is the hands revealing the liar. Most liars have fewer hand gestures tied into their speech patterns. They will scratch their bodies repeatedly as much as "five times in a row".
  • Hands in pocket. Fidgetting, playing with neckline, shoving a hand into a jacket, shirt or blouse, or deep into trouser pockets are signs of lying.
  • Closed hand by clenching a fist shows a person has something to conceal, whereas an open palm displays a candid attitude.
  • Shrugging and other body movements that occur at inappropriate moment could be indications of deceit. Moving from side to side too much is attempt to distract attention from the subject at hand.
  • Covered mouth is an unconscious concealing move that says, "I shouldn't have said that."
  • Voice change. When tone and pitch of voice is up, a lie is in progress. Is it strained or hesitations? Could also be stuttering, correcting himself and taking extra time? All to gather the thoughts into a plausible answer. Sometimes it is by talking too much or too fast.
  • Stone face liars are good at concealing facial expressions. But if a face is totally unemotional, it's a sign of holding back the truth. It’s the classic "poker face".

These are some ways you can get clues of deceptions and lies. But try not to get caught up in watching body movements that you forget to listen to what's being said. The best way to spot a lie is to see the whole story. People are generally bad liars. There are always holes in their stories.

  • If his story has very little details, vague and he keeps repeating the same facts, than he is trying to convince himself.
  • If the story is very complicated and distorted, it is to cause confusion.
  • If changes subjects often, tries to veer conversation, deflects questions or doesn't answer questions, it’s obvious discomfort.
  • Is overly defensive when questioned, uses "don't you trust me?" line.
  • There is that I don't hear the question trick. Remember at the end of the infamous Zam telephone interview with Al Jazeera. It’s actually buying time to get creative when they ask you to repeat yourself.
  • To test for a lie, ask again few days or years later, any change in story?
So you decide.

For me, someone who is still in politics, will tend to lie. Someone, who was recently caught lying, is still lying. Someone with much character flaws will be easily taken to lie and even believe his own lies. That someone believes the welcome, praises and adornment he received as real.

Whether he actually lied on this matter, it is irrelevant. Since that someone is in power and have been inefficient and incapable of handling the administration of the country, the burning cigerrette butt in his pants pocket will burn his butt.