Selasa, Mac 20, 2007

P 41: Kepala Batas, not Kepala Bana

Dear Kepala Batas Constituents,

We thank you very much for giving us a good laugh these more than 3 years. Your Member of Parliament have been excellent in lightening us with much humour and his zany act.

Seems you have been blessed with new highway, new UiTM campus, housing development, Agusta maintenance facility, factories, agriculture, and many more new facilities and opportunities. By the look of it, Kepala Batas is not a kampung but dreaming of being the Putrajaya of the Northern Region.

Now that you got what you want, you definately want someone better and funnier.

I understand many of you couldn't find someone better than him to replace. Have no fear. Ah ... we found someone and almost like him and funnier. Even on poster look similar, so you won't miss him.

Alfred is internationally known. You wanna consider ...?

If you a Malaysian citizen, 21 of age, and confirmed residence of Kepala Batas, you can vote for the more funny Alfred. But, if you are not registered yet, bring your IC and go to the following to fill Form A.

Keep a copy of the form as proof of your registration. Follow up and you can check on this web address:

What?! You don't want to change?

Aisay, cakap baik-baik tak mahu dengar. ;-0

Do you remember what happened, after your local boy made Prime Ministership? Well some spirit gave you an omen of what is to come.

You forgot?

Look at the picture …

If you don't want to change him, more hantu will come to spook you and the rest of the country. :-/

Why don't you rid of the hantu and get a funnier MP? And, not to be a Kepala Bana! :-)

Husin Lempoyang
Merchant from Cairo

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