Selasa, Oktober 22, 2019

PH leader review Man U vs Liverpool match

So much debate after last night’s 1-1 draw between MU and Liverpool. Here’s what our politicians have to say about the match:

1. Tun M: Liverpool are a lazy team. They always expect handouts. How to improve? They want everything on a silver platter and when they don’t get it, they cry foul and blame everyone else except themselves.

2. Kak Wan: I am not a football fan. I already have my own fan.

3. Anwar: They have been promised the title latest next year. I have been told they definitely will be given the title by next season.

4. Syed Saddiq: I am inviting the MU team for dinner and will ask them to concede defeat to Liverpool. If they don’t, we should all boycott MU.

5. Maszlee: From next year, all teams must start wearing black boots and white socks.

6. Guan Eng: It’s Najib’s fault because he bribed the referee to make sure Liverpool doesn’t win. Don’t blame me.

7. Kit Siang: We need a White Paper to determine why Liverpool were not allowed to win.

8. Teresa Kok: The Liverpool coach must consume more kloppa sawit. It’s good for his brain.

9. Azmin: The VAR on Liverpool’s disallowed goal is a fake video. Liverpool actually scored (so did I).

10. Kula: We should train and import more Africans so that next we can make sure Liverpool will win

11. IGP: We will take action against the referee because there is a speculations about Najib from Guan Eng.

12. Latheefa koya: 1MDB money been missused to bribe the referee. We will freeze his family account

- MB

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MatSabu: Pasukan Liverpool ada 11 orang, tapi dapat score 1 gol saja, .. Manchester United pun 11 orang, tapi dapat score 1 saja..
Kami dlm Amanah lagi hebat.. kami pun ada 11 dalam pasukan kami di parlimen.. tapi kami score 9! (menteri/timbalan menteri).. Referee (speaker) pun orang kami.. 😁