Isnin, Januari 20, 2014

Sawi seems to be the hardest word

This kangkung obsession is fast becoming a laughing stalk.

Lettuce get down to the root of the problem.

We have mushroom for improvement.

Everybody wants a celery increase because high income model give big bosses big income and policy make prices go up.

Government cannot afford but they think government doesn't carrot all.

Ok Gomen did make mistake. Many mistakes. So people got grump-pea.

But why you so lanciau.. you wanna to make fun but do stupid thing like that.

Off course la ... people angly
Some more try to be hero to maki at 500 Malays as bodoh

People sure angin

Stupid ... sure you kena

This babi won't regret la ...

Sure continue ... because fat, ugly, loony Malaysiakini reporter bakar some more

Actually aaa... all should stop, laugh or apologise, and move on. But sawi seems to be the hardest word.

Never mind ... Reezal Merican untung.  

Kangkung price only go down. PM see ... he sure up to be Minister soon....

6 ulasan:

McTheory berkata...

Cuma nak gelak saja.. hahaha..

Awanama berkata...

Kangkung boleh masuk jepun.

Awanama berkata...

Kangkang kena hantar balik di Narita

Awanama berkata...

Kunyit pun naik harga

Awanama berkata...

Orang tu nak meniaga kunyit pun kena halau balik

Awanama berkata...

Good one! Parti Kangkung Rakyat memang suka mengangkong